How many people are needed in a video crew?

The benefits of a small production team

We recently completed a project for our client Competence delivering 225 video clips to populate their latest training course - a Level 4 qualification for sports coaches. It was a large and satisfying project for us. In total, we used just four people on the project shown in the photo above. 

From left to right we have: Addison Mitchell - he was the runner and autocue operator on the two-day studio shoot. Myself, Philip Pickard, I was the script editor, producer, production manager and voiceover artist. Paksie Vernon is the on-screen presenter. Finally, Marcelo Vianna - camera op, sound recordist, editor, colourist and animator. 

What are the benefits of using a small team on such a large project?

First of all, communication is simplified. There is less time spent in meetings and on phone calls. The clear, direct lines of communication allow more time for creative and meaningful conversations between client and production team and within the production team itself.

Secondly, it is easier for the team to inject creativity. For example, as camera operator, Marcelo knew exactly what he needed to capture as he was going to be working with the shots in the edit. 

Thirdly, it keeps everyone engaged. With the exception of the presenter, each person on the team had multiple roles which helps to create a sense of ownership and commitment. 

The main benefit, of course, is that it saves the client money. The reason that Competence has been able to populate so much of the course with video content is that we were able to make their money go a long way. This in turn, benefits the product and the learners who will be using it.

At shortstories, we like to help our clients extract as much value from their budgets as possible. A small, expert crew that knows each other well and has the client’s interests at heart is one way of doing this. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Philip Pickard

Head of Production