The wise use of video is helping online learning to boom

But it must look and feel great. High production values are vital

There has never before been greater demand for online learning. Training and educational providers have sprung up to match the demand. The best ones use video. Why? Video grabs the attention and delivers learning points quickly and clearly. When compared to broadcast TV standards, though, some learning video content is of  low quality and it stands out like a sore thumb: the presenter often looks stiff and awkward, the graphics seem clunky and amateurish or the script is long winded and dull. 

A modern viewer has sophisticated tastes. We all consume so much video content that we have a highly developed sense of what works for us and what doesn’t. It is vitally important to bring content with high production values to the learner to support and enhance the quality of the course. 

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Here are some of the main elements to look after. The script needs to have the right amount of detail whilst striking a clear, accessible tone. The presenter needs to be relaxed as well as appear authoritative and knowledgeable. The visuals need to tie in with the subject matter. The choice of background music needs to be sympathetic to the content and graphics to appear slick and attractive. All these elements support the overall aim of helping the learner get the most from the course. 

At shortstories we have partnered with the Competence app among others and have been making online learning content since 2018. Our courses include: Leadership and Management (Level 5), Security (Level 2), Proteach (Level 5) and Sports Coach (Level 4).

Whatever the subject matter and whatever the level, we approach it from the learner’s point of view. How best to make the material clear, engaging and memorable