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Intelligent Video for Business: How Many People Does It Take to Make a Successful Video?

Ever heard of the ‘two pizza rule’? According to CEO Jeff Bezos, if a team can’t be fed by two pizzas, then that team is too big. We’ve known this for a long time - and especially having recently completed a large project for our client Competence, more so now than ever. 

Delivering 225 videos for their latest course: Level 4 qualification for sports coaches with myself and my ‘small team’ of 4, seems to fit right in there with Bezos' rule. It was a gratifying project for us. 

Shooting a video with a professional team of people is one of the key components of a successful outcome, and numbers have nothing to do with it. Having more hands on deck isn’t always the best solution; but having the right hands on deck is. 

shortstories tip: great pictures enhance the viewing experience enormously but it’s the narrative that makes the real difference between whether a film works or not, so start with this - then add the other ingredients.

Let’s look into the three main aspects that go into the production of a video and why working with a decent team makes a positive difference.

1. A Professional Video Production Crew 

Some shoot video using their phones, and this may work for platforms such as TikTok or Instagram. But when it comes to creating something that your audience will revere and, most importantly, engage with, especially in the context of business; the best tools to use include the right camera equipment and a team that knows what it’s doing.

Even though you may have the right camera and know how to make a video; the right video production crew can make a significant difference towards the final cut. They can turn something simple and mundane into something appealing, with just a few clever tweaks.

According to statistics, 87% of marketers revealed that by using video they have managed to increase traffic and understanding of a product or service which has significantly helped them generate new leads. As per the image below, video engagement makes up the majority percentage of any marketing collateral for a business:

What Video Marketers Should Know in 2022. State of Video Marketing Survey 2022
Source: State of Video Marketing Survey 2022

When you work with the pros, they understand your objectives and end goal and, in most cases, the right team will deliver far beyond your expectations. Every individual on a video production crew has his or her specific skillset and essential qualities. It is an art in itself to master video production and a lot of work goes into it. 

All three stages of:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

need to be executed meticulously.

shortstories tip: The boss doesn’t need to be in all the videos. Using video is also a valuable opportunity to show how all employees are valued - not just those in senior positions.

2. Expert Equipment for Video

A video production company like shortstories, which shoots videos daily for a variety of companies, has been around long enough to know the ins-and-outs of the process. From creating short films to B2B videos, identity films, animated productions, marketing videos and more.

We’ve done it all and paved the way for even more innovative ideas for our clients. From every stage of the process - concept to completion; the shortstories crew has been there in achieving multiple business objectives seamlessly. 

Hiring a reputable video production company means you will have videos shot using some of the best equipment and crew. Everything from the cameras to the lights, microphones, DSLRs and more, ensures a complete and meaningful result in the end.

More often than not, you will find the repeated use of extreme close-ups and lingering shots of appealing scenery - and that’s it. For us, it doesn't stop there. The message plays an essential part in everything from start to finish so your audience doesn't get lost in the pretty colours and images but also understands WHY we made the video and WHAT they can get out of it.

3. Skilled Post Production

It's one thing to shoot a video, but raw footage most often needs a fair amount of editing to achieve a great purpose-driven video. When you have a skilled and knowledgeable post-production team on the job, it can help create an exceptional piece. Whether it is a short video or a long one, the transformations that the editing crew member can create are far beyond what most others achieve. 

Their job is to focus on the tiny details that people tend to miss, and any video can look and feel incomplete without it. Finishing touches are a critical ingredient in bringing everything together and creating seamless transformation.

This is where we come in…

How did we achieve 225 professional videos for Competence training courses? By using a small professional team of 4, expert equipment and the right post-production.

The Shortstories Video Production Crew 

First, we asked the client and ourselves a few basic questions, such as:

  • What are they looking for?
  • What is their business or brand story?
  • Who do they want their video to reach?
  • What is the narrative or story they want to tell their viewers?

Your film school may tell you that if you want to make a great video, documentary or movie, you need a gaffer, person A, person B, 1st and 2nd AC, best boy, grip, makeup artist, director of photography, sound engineer and the list goes on. 

We say... you don’t.

What you can achieve with 20 people, we achieved masterfully with 4…

(From the above image) Left to right we have:

  1. Addison Mitchell - he was the runner and autocue operator on the two-day studio shoot.
  2. Myself - Philip Pickard - the script editor, producer, production manager, and voiceover artist.
  3. Paksie Vernon - the on-screen presenter.
  4. Marcelo Vianna - camera operator, sound recordist, editor, colorist and animator.
shortstories tip: If you’ve never considered adding videos to your website or social media feed, a good place to start is an identity film. It does what it says: it communicates WHY the company exists and WHAT it offers.
Source: the source image statistics about video marketing

Benefits of Using A Small Team in Creating a Video

The question begs - What are the benefits of using a small team on such a large project, or any project? Let's unpack a few good ones that we’ve discovered from our personal experience:


The main benefit, of course, is that it saves the client money. Competence was able to populate so much of their course with video because they made their money go a long way.  This, in turn, benefits the product and the learners who will be using it.

Communication Made Simpler

There is less time spent in meetings and on phone calls. Communication is clear, which allows more time for meaningful conversations. In a company like ours, everyone works together, and the team effort makes everyone invested in serving the client and making that emotional connection with them from the word go.

Creative Collaboration

It is easier for the team to express their creative skills and ideas on projects. For example, as a camera operator, Marcelo knew exactly what shots need capturing and which ones need editing for well-orchestrated shots. 

Engagement and Commitment

Small teams keep everyone engaged. Besides the presenter, each teammate has more than one role which helps to create a sense of ownership and commitment. 

The Last Shot

We won’t bore you with the details of how a video’s creation process is done (that’s on our other blog post on... (‘how a video’s creation process is done’ - TBC). What we will tell you is - making a great video can be intimidating. 

The camera operator has their doubts, as do the director, production manager or script supervisor, and this is amplified in environments where there are too many people and too much going on. With a smaller team, things are simpler, worries are less, it's more comfortable and everyone is less stressed; including those in front of the camera. 

shortstories tip: If you’re working with a limited crew, make the most of it by using the natural resources around you and be ready to wear many hats. A simple example is using natural lighting, and smaller sets both indoors or outdoors and there is no need to use high-end VFX or a studio the size of a warehouse to create your ultimate character-driven story. There is also some great video editing software that can help you edit and add effects to different shots.

At shortstories we like to help our clients extract as much return on investment and value from their budget as possible. Here you can also see a case study for a film we were commissioned to produce for Wigan Warriors' 150th Anniversary

A small, expert crew that knows each other well and has the client’s best interests at heart is one way of doing this. If you’d like to grow your client base through visual identity or simply put a message out there about your organisation, get in touch with us and we’ll apply the intelligence for you. 

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