Using video to get more of us active

Why the sport and physical activity sector needs to use more video content.

According to wyzowl*, 85% of people want to see more video from brands.

So why aren’t more sport and physical activity organisations making video? 

I visited the websites of 10 of the most prominent organisations working within the sector and was struck by how rare it was to see video on there. I also noticed their overall similarity to one another in terms of design which got me thinking.

The websites all have good photographic imagery; they promote their own mission statement clearly and they link to the partners they are working with. The tone is informative, positive and urgent. But only one has a video on the homepage. Guess which website I spent most time on? Users spend 88% more time browsing on websites that have videos according to Social Media Week

The website with the video had it placed front and centre; it was the headline. A visitor couldn’t miss it. It was set on autoplay to help draw the viewer in. It showed people across the age spectrum and of differing abilities all engaging in physical activity: kayaking, dancing, playing football, aerobics, gym work, parkour, sports day races, rowing and more. Faces were filled with joy and excitement as they performed their physical activity. It was an enjoyable viewing experience and one that encourages the viewer to keep watching whilst listening to the key messages in the interview clips.

The viewer leaves with a clear idea of what the organisation does and what its aims are. Additionally, and importantly, it offers a sense of the personality of the organisation and an indicator of its values.** It was harder to gain an impression of the other organisations that weren’t using an identity video. Their similarity to one another is testament to the collaborative and supportive environment of the sector. They are each closely in touch with what their partners are doing. There is great cohesion and commitment to the task of getting more people active and so they all pull in the same direction. This might be the reason that the websites are so similar in style. I wonder, though, if this is helping or hindering getting the messages out there. 

Organisations in the sector will be rewarded for being bold; for communicating their own vision and how they are inspiring more participants. As a matter of priority, they can create enticing, striking and motivating video content. If we watch people like ourselves enjoying sport or other physical activity, we are more likely to think ‘I want to do that too’

The good news for organisations working within the sport and physical activity sector is that action and movement create a compelling viewing experience. They have the perfect subject to create eye-catching, informative and exciting video content that will help them to get out there and start shouting from the rooftops.  

Producers at shortstories have been working in and around professional sports for 20 years and in 2021 we made learning content for a new Level 4 course for sports coaches. It is an area close to our hearts. If you work in the sector, please do get in touch for an informal chat about how high quality video produced at a sensible cost can get your message to a wider audience and  get more people active. Please send us an email at if you would like us to get in touch to discuss your next video project.

*Some interesting statistics from wyzowl can be viewed here:

**The video referred to in the article can be found here.  I urge you to go and watch it: UK Active 

Philip Pickard - Head of Production