What makes a good identity film?

Why it's good to make the initial viewing experience as useful and as enjoyable as possible for the viewer.

I love it when we meet clients whose digital platforms are well designed but video content is conspicuous by its absence. The penny has dropped and they now urgently want to make video to put on there. But what video content do they create? 

A good place to start is an identity film. It does what it says: it communicates why the company exists and what it offers in a lively and interesting way.

This may sound easier to create than it actually is. Conversations about what to include often lead to lively discussions between colleagues on the client’s team. The process of creating an identity film enriches clients’ internal communications as much as external communications for their clients and customers. 

Identity films are usually made with an external audience in mind and are often the first thing  someone clicks on when visiting a website. Some clients therefore want to pack the identity film with information so that the viewer finds out as much as possible about the product or service in a short space of time. But often an alternative approach works better. Picking and choosing 2 or 3 key messages and elaborating on these in an interesting and watchable way might actually mean the viewer remembers more about the company and comes away with a more lasting impression.

The important thing is to make the viewing experience as useful and as enjoyable as possible for the viewer. They want to feel that their 90 seconds or 2 minutes or however long it is, has been usefully spent. This creates a good initial feeling and is a positive start to the relationship. If what they see is interesting, relevant to them and well presented, a good film will motivate them to find out the details elsewhere: on the website or in conversations. Save the details for then; use an identity film to elicit interest. When you visit a street food market, if the stall looks and smells good, you are more likely to go and read the menu.

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Philip Pickard - Head of Production