The Foundation is a unique school. Its pedagogy and style is very different to any other school we had encountered. Their film needed to make this clear but we were asked to do this without filming the children. How could we do that?



We focused our interviews on the ambition of the foundation. It was clear that they had big plans for the future. This ambitious energy originated in an absolute sense of care for the children. This too was critical to include and to highlight. 


Given the limitations of filming in a school, we opted to create stylised images to give a sense of the richness of the experience that the children have Monday to Friday. We created close up and ‘arty’ shots of the objects you used and created as part of their education: their musical instruments and their skateboards for instance.


The film gives a snapshot of what the Foundation offers and how different it is from other education providers. It has helped Karalius to generate  interest and greater understanding in students, their parents and carers, staff and investors. It has also helped advance conversations towards gaining further investment and fulfilling their future plans.

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