Omnia needed a new film to complement their identity film. The new film was for people who had seen the identity film, had become interested in the Omnia project and wanted more information.


We decided to use a ‘Roundtable discussion’ approach. This meant recording a conversation between two of the leaders of the organisation: David Kreyling and Liz Keeble.

They know the organisation inside out and are fully committed to the cause of providing effective education to disengaged children.

David and Liz were able to talk naturally and freely and deliver the key messages in a relaxed and authentic manner.

Whilst the audience is keen to hear what Liz and David say, we felt we wanted to add other visuals to keep the eyes stimulated as well as the ears.

An underscore of music enhanced the mood and helped the flow of the piece.


In less than 4 minutes the audience learns a lot about the purpose of the school, its philosophy, methodology, its students and what it is looking to achieve with them.

It gives a flavour of the culture and how it looks in practice.

Furthermore, the commitment, expertise and humanity of all involved shine through.

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