To make as many people as possible aware of the launch of the new Wigan Warriors shirt for the 2023 season.

The film needed to excite the fans and was part of the club’s promotional campaign for the sale of replica shirts.


Together with the client, we discussed a number of creative approaches and decided on one that would focus on the memories that the players had of receiving the replica Wigan shirts when they themselves were children. It was a topic that was easy to get the players to discuss on camera. These were clearly enjoyable memories for them to recount.

These interview clips were married with stylised close ups we shot of the players wearing the new shirt. 

In post production, our editor picked out a detail of the new design and used it as a basis for a visual theme that we used throughout the edit. It helped to create a lively and compelling viewing experience. 

The client wanted to avoid using only the Wigan’s men’s first team in the promotion; so we included interview clips and shots of players from the women’s, wheelchair, Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) and Learning Disability Rugby League (LDRL) teams. Each of them are central to the club’s identity.


The short promo film uses stirring music and ‘teasing’ imagery to create a sense of excitement and anticipation before the full shirt reveal.

By interviewing the players who had been childhood fans, we built on themes established in previous films we had made for the club and emphasised the close connection that the club enjoys with the town.

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