With so many employees across so many sites, Flight Centre uses video to improve internal communications.

They asked us to shoot footage that they used for a range of purposes to increase their employee engagement.


To shoot footage and interviews that would be used for Flight Centre internal communications films. The client’s team had had little time to prepare for these projects and so had been unable to brief us. We turned up on location with our kit keen to find out what we were going to do. 


Our crew needed to respond to the client’s direction on each day of filming. 

Flexibility is key in this scenario. A short meeting at the start of the day enabled us to understand the basic requirements. The warm and friendly team also clearly had high morale and motivation. This made our job easier. It was possible to get clear and enthusiastic ‘performances’ on camera.


We supplied footage to the client that they were able to edit into lively and informative films that were shared with their teams across the globe. This ensured that all employees were informed and aligned on the company’s initiatives and direction.

video for business

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