Our client ‘Competence’ is part of a network of organisations working together to improve sports participation and levels of physical activity in the UK.

The Competence App provides a suite of courses to help learners develop the skills and gain the qualifications required to work in the sector. 

One such course is a Level 2 qualification in Gym Instruction. Successful learners can develop their career working with clients - improving their physical fitness in the gym environment.

Competence asked shortstories to make video content for the learner. One part of this was a demonstration of exercises working with and without gym equipment e.g. squats, press ups, treadmill work etc.


Critical to the quality of the video content was the demonstration of perfect technique.

These video clips are being used as reference points for the learners. What they were watching had to be clear, understandable and perfectly executed. 

We used a senior, experienced Personal Trainer and two young athletes as our models.

The senior PT had written the script ensuring all necessary details of the exercises were included.

Whilst filming, it was the models’ job to monitor each other and make sure that the exercise being performed for the camera was being done in a technically correct way.

We were filming in a large gym at Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club.

The space meant we could film the exercises using a wide shot with the model in the foreground and gym equipment in the background.

We first filmed the wide shot and then a close up of each exercise and cut these together in the edit.


Each video clip has the same style - a wide shot mixed with close ups, using on-screen text, voiceover and an underscore of music.

The models maintain a neutral expression to reduce a sense of ‘performance’ which allows the learner to focus on observing the technique being demonstrated.

The clips will remain accessible through the app and will teach the learners how to perform the exercises correctly and will always be there for them as a reference should they need to be reminded of the correct technique.

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