Our deliverables for this course were over 100 short video clips covering a range of content that had been written by subject specialists.

The authors were consultants with multiple years of experience working in business.

The course was aimed at people wanting to get ahead in their own business careers.

The course gives skills that employers are looking for to help manage their team members. 

The course was delivered online so that it could be studied at ties that suited the learner.

Most would be working in full time jobs and would be working through the content in their non-working time.

The online platform of Competence allows them to do this at any time and anywhere.


At the script editing stage it was clear that we would need to create assets (images and photographs) that would not infringe copyright laws.

The authors had drawn on the best sources to illustrate their points unaware that this might cause legal issues. 

The writing itself was of an excellent standard - comprehensive and clear.

The style was clear, direct and the tone was enthusiastic - the author clearly knew his subject and had a real passion for it.

It was a relatively straightforward task to convert these into Production Scripts. 

The scripts were uploaded to Autocue, we hired out a studio with white background and used presenters to deliver the content.

All the presenters are experienced and practised in using autocue.

Their experience meant they varied their pitch and tone of delivery to help to keep the audience engaged and interested. 

Footage, photographs and animations were added in post production.

It was all combined to make the information clear and accessible


The numerous clips were uploaded to the Competence app along with text and stills.

The designer worked out the best way to present the video clips within this setting.

The learner could then start at the beginning of the course and work through it at a rate that suited them and their schedule.

The video clips could be used as stepping stones to ensure the learner always felt that a teacher , or the presenter, was with them as they worked through the course content.

video for business

More Case Studies

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

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