Exhibition film for DCM

DCM - Dynamic Crowd Management Film

Our client DCM asked us to make a product film to be played on a stand at an exhibition. It was to be the ice breaker and the main means of demonstrating their product. It needed to provide a quick download of information about their software in an eye-catching and attractive way. What should a film in this situation look like?

The film’s success would be judged on whether it opened up useful and relevant conversations. 

The product

A software that prevents overcrowding in train stations, on platforms and on trains. Whilst the technology that drives the system is complex, it provides very clear benefits: it keeps customers happy and enables services to run smoothly and on time.


It needed to be eye-catching in order to get people in the busy exhibition setting to stop and watch. 


It also had to provide a quick and clear download of information so that those with a genuine interest would be tempted to spend more time at the stand. 


We wanted to do this in a way that avoided the film becoming too technical or confusing. We decided to use animation to offset the complexity of the software. A simple, animated character became our presenter and we showed him in various, relevant settings - in train stations and on trains. This technique helped to bring colour and vibrancy to the film.

The end result is a short film that looks bright and cheery and the content informs the viewer but, hopefully, doesn’t overload them. It makes the audience stop, watch and see how our client is helping the rail industry to function better. DCM were delighted by how the film helped to advance those crucial early conversations at the exhibition.

Watch it here

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