Everything in Sport - Sport for Social Change

Can sport help society to progress? Can it be a force for good in the pursuit of a more egalitarian society?

Does it help us to develop essential, transferable skills and can it relieve pressure on the NHS and therefore the taxpayer?

Can it break down barriers between our communities and offer us a shared language through which we better understand others?

Can sport change society? 

Everything in Sport  (EiS) is an organisation that believes the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’ and is dedicated to showing how sport can improve the quality of our lives.

The question now is ‘How to harness sport’s enormous potential?’ 

EiS has built an impressive network of high calibre professionals from across the sports industry who share a belief in its transformative potential.

It offers conferences that are an opportunity for like minded individuals to network, build relations and share ideas.

In 2023, their London conference is the ‘Women’s Edition’. 

In the build up to this event and arranged to coincide with the lead up to International Women’s Day, EiS organised a golf networking day for women, and also a TV studio-style presentation of discussions streamed live from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

EiS asked shortstories to create a video that gave a snapshot of these events.

The purpose was to celebrate International Women’s Day and to spread the word about the upcoming conferences starting with the one to be held a few months later. 

Whilst we were filming at each of the events, it was clear that the decision to theme the conference as a ‘Women’s Edition’ was creating a buzz and having an impact - it was an idea that attendees were excited to be a part of.

They were relishing the opportunity to meet other women working in the industry and find out about each other’s experiences and innovations. 

Our role was to capture the essence of these days.

Watch the final version below:

The subsequent edit needed to show the enjoyment and engagement of the attendees and to demonstrate the purpose of bringing them together. 

We arranged a number of interviews with delegates.

Their backgrounds were diverse: one a world champion boxer, another a CEO of a sports marketing company and another a sports lawyer.

They were brought together by a shared belief in the power of sport to transform lives and thus society. 

The frustrating thing from our point of view was having to cut down so many interesting interviews and valuable content into a 60 second marketing video.

There were so many angles we could have taken and ideas explored.

We talked extensively with the client to identify the key messages from the interviews they wished to select and then built the b-roll and imagery around these messages.

The promo film gives a flavour of the energy and excitement building around the ‘Everything in Sport’ movement.

By creating a platform for so many bright and influential minds, it is facilitating the change in society that sport can be the catalyst for.

It’s an exciting movement to be a part of. 

See how we do it: send us an email to hello@shortstories.media if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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