Competence Online Learning - Leadership and Management (Level 5)

The ‘Leadership and Management’ course is designed for those looking to boost their career prospects.

It leads to a level 5 qualification and creates opportunities across many different industries and sectors. 

On this course, most of the learners already have a job and are studying in their time outside of working hours.

The Competence app is the platform through which the learning content is accessed.

Its online accessibility means candidates can study anytime and anywhere - through tablets and smartphones as well as through desktops and laptops. 

This flexibility is invaluable to the learners keen to complete the course, but with time constraints due to the demands of their working week. 

Video clips make the course content easier to understand and more likely to stick in the memory. We were asked to make the video content for all 11 modules on the course.

The scripts were thorough and rich due to the vast experience of the authors who were Consultants bringing their expertise gathered over many years working in business.

At shortstories, our first task was to provide a script editing service to develop the author’s content into production scripts ready for video recording.

This meant tweaking the text to turn it into a style that suited an on screen presenter. Working with the authors, we created a library of assets, images and illustrations usable from a copyright perspective. 

When contributing to the design of a course, we think of the learner as an audience member.

Watch an overview of a few different clips to get an idea of the Leadership and Management (Level 5) film here.

We offer suggestions as to how the content could be structured differently to find the best way to make the content as clear and appealing as possible.

What is the best narrative to employ to keep their interest? With this approach, the learning content becomes a story being told. 

Being a level 5 qualification, the student has a lot of advanced content to learn and to master.

We used professional presenters on screen to communicate often complicated ideas and principles. 

A relaxed, clear and competent presentation style helps to make the complex understandable.

We filmed the presenters in front of a plain white screen which allowed us to insert diagrams, pictures and animations onto the background which clearly illustrated the subject matter within the topic. 

We have produced a number of courses intended for online learning through the Competence app.

This was the most advanced in terms of learning level and complexity of subject matter. 

By thinking of the learner as an audience member and employing broadcast standard filming and editing techniques, we utilised a story-telling approach to help make the content accessible and memorable. 

See how we do it: send us an email to if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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