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One of the things that makes it a pleasure to work with Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM) is how we have been allowed to get to know their product, style and strategy.

At the time of this project we had been consistently producing videos for them for 9 months and had seen first hand how video had been supporting the company’s evolution and helping to achieve objectives. How is this useful to the client?

A benefit of this relationship to DCM is that they save time and money.  Our knowledge level means their briefs to us don’t have to be exhaustive.

We can be given a basic outline and then use our initiative to propose a suitable approach. They then decide if they are happy for us to proceed on that basis.

At all important stages, we get sign-off from them. 

They also know they get films that work well for their purposes on time and on budget.

Our history together shows them we will request their input when required and offer them draft edits at suitable times.

They don’t have to keep tabs on us. 

Another benefit of knowing the client well is we can share their excitement when new opportunities emerge for them.

This was the case on one particular project. 

When they started working together with the Australian government trade body, we knew this was a significant development: a gilt-edged opportunity to bring the DCM product to a wider and interested audience.

To do this, they needed a film to show how the software supports and facilitates the smooth running of smart city infrastructure. 

Given our prior knowledge of the product, we knew that what makes DCM’s software unique is how its AI engine assesses the mood/sentiment in a crowd of people.

This is exactly what smart city infrastructure needs.

Not only does DCM help to avert crowd disturbances and congestion, but it also provides reliable and comprehensive data that shows whether smart city tech is helping people who live there to be more content. This was to become the thrust of the film.

We needed to make this concept clear in a film of 90 seconds. We also needed to produce the film on a tight schedule as they had only been able to give the go ahead at late notice. 

The prior knowledge built up over time was critical to us being able to meet the deadline.

The understanding and trust between the two companies allowed us to make decisions and judgements quickly.

Starting with the script, we were able to draw up a draft version in a short space of time that incorporated the key messages and information.

A process that might usually take a week with a new client, was completed over a weekend.  This allowed us to start the draft edit on Monday. 

We kept DCM up to date with progress and asked them to check our work at suitable points as we developed the edit.

The ‘shorthand’ of understanding previously established made this process smooth and effective. 

The end result is a film delivered on time that contained the key messages they needed and was presented in a style that suited their brand.

This allowed them to make the most of their opportunity working with their prestigious new partner. 

At shortstories, whilst we are always happy to make one-off films for a company, we have a number of clients for whom we have worked on multiple projects over a few years.

This is when we feel we add the most value.

Our experience and knowledge helps us not only to deliver films that meet their short term needs, but means we can advise on how video can assist their overall marketing strategy and help them to attain their objectives. 

If you would like to discuss how video can help you to achieve your short, medium, or long term aims, please do get in touch for a free consultation. 

See how we do it: send us an email to hello@shortstories.media if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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