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The rise of films for business purposes inexorably continues. Over the last decade, it has been an amazing journey to witness. It was the larger corporates who first realised just how useful film was at getting across their business messages. After dipping their toe in the water, they quickly learned its value and started to invest heavily.

Some of the content they have produced is mind-bogglingly expensive and sophisticated - feature-length films designed for a very small niche audience of less than 100, for instance. But they know it’s worth it. 

The Corporates’ use of film wasn’t just for advertising or marketing purposes. They used it to enhance internal communications. What better way to inform colleagues across the globe of a new product or service? How else could they relay a message from a Head of Department or CEO as effectively?

It makes sense - the content of a film can be carefully managed and presented in a creative way that makes everybody look and feel good. It makes colleagues feel that the global boss is talking to them personally, for instance. 

Medium and small-sized businesses also soon realised the value of video production especially when developments in technology meant it became more affordable. This coincided with platforms growing and offering a potential audience: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Alongside the proliferation of platforms came the development of styles. Organisations (particularly retail) sought to entertain as well as inform their audience. They appreciated that well-designed video content increased brand awareness and loyalty. Their customers and potential customers would follow and share their channels for fun as well as to gain information. 

We now have a whole range of platforms and a whole range of styles of films for business.

So, for a company taking its first foray into film production, where to start? 

Your Company’s First Film Production

It can be a daunting step for businesses with little or no previous experience in making films. One of our clients felt exactly that way before taking the plunge

At shortstories', we enjoy helping businesses set off into film production. We encourage them to focus on what they know best: how their video campaign will help the overall business strategy and help to achieve their aims. Armed with this information, we offer creative ideas and approaches that will best suit what they are trying to achieve whilst working within their budget. 

One of the satisfying things we find is that companies tend to enjoy the film production process; it sparks off an interesting amount of reflection for them and promotes healthy discussion amongst colleagues. 

So far, every company we have worked with has been pleased they decided to make film content; they wished they had done it sooner. 

Year on year, more and more videos are being made for business purposes. It’s effective and provides a great return on investment. 


See how we do it: send us an email to if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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