Getting the Right Message Out Using Cut-Through Film Production

British Army film footage

There are 100,000+ people in the British Army. It’s a massive organisation. Our client Competence has a product that the Army needs: an app that saves time, effort and money, with the ideal result of a higher recruit retention rate and better-trained soldiers.

The Competence app had proved its worth in earlier small-scale pilots within the Army. Those who had used it were convinced it needed to be rolled out on a bigger scale. Feedback was universally positive throughout the ranks, from Corporals to the Brigadier.

It was quickly apparent that the potential for our client’s product was huge; but how to get the message out to the wider Army? How do you convince influencers and decision-makers in different departments? How to create an awareness that this app existed?

“Education without application is just entertainment.”— Tim Sanders

Evading Misinformation Through A Notable Solution

As with any large institution, clear communication is vital but somewhat difficult to establish. Messages get confused and the product’s reputation could be easily knocked back by misinformation at any stage. Our client knew that their representatives could not always be present during all related internal discussions. How could they ensure the right information was being shared?

Competence decided to commission a short film that would encapsulate the benefits of their app to the British Army. It would allow them to control the presentation of their product, even when they weren’t in the room. It was to be a vital tool to convince decision-makers of the value of the product.

It worked. From a small pilot project involving just 48 Recruits, the Army approved a second pilot, this time involving 144 Recruits.  A first film had opened doors so Competence asked us to make another film just a few months after.

They wanted a second film to gain access even higher within the upper echelons of the organisation. It worked again and now a third project has been commissioned; this time involving 1,000+ Recruits. And yes, we will be making a further film to show how the product is working on this larger scale.

The films help the viewer to download a lot of useful information in a short space of time. Moreover, these become a clear point of reference and a great focus for those early conversations, during which our client is reassured that their product is being shown accurately and positively.

Competence and their is now becoming known deep within the labyrinthine organisation that is The British Army at a faster rate than would otherwise have been possible. Its reputation is growing and this is now converting directly into more business and greater opportunity.

“More than 150 million people view videos online every year, most of them ripe to hear your business’s pitch if you produce and market your video effectively.” - Vern Marker

Benefits of Using Video Messaging in Your Organisation

This is just one example of how we used video messaging to get the right messages out within an organization as well as outside it. There is huge potential in this area that not many businesses are aware of.

Whatever sector your business is in, when it comes to video, there are tons of benefits to this medium. It is one of the best ways to scale your business, connect with clients or even introduce a new product or service to the masses.

Text can be boring. Video, however, is a more entertaining, thought-provoking medium. People receive thousands of emails and text messages daily, and the last thing they desire is to read yet another one.

Video is a more personable way of speaking to your audience. It is a more effective way to deliver most kinds of messages and over 64% of online users are more likely to engage in your business and buy your product by watching a video about it. Plus, the likelihood of them remembering the video is higher than a piece of text.

“Stop thinking of video marketing as this separate entity that is optional for your business. Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.” - James Wedmore

Watch the result here

How did a film move so quickly up the ranks of the British Army? Film can help to accelerate your business development programme.

See how we do it: send us an email to if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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