Let Your Brand Make A Splash in 2023 Using LinkedIn Videos

Why would any business still be relying on textual content when video has overtaken the majority of networking and social media platforms?

Many businesses avoid using video marketing due to a fear of high costs. The good news is, you don't need a big budget to make a splash with video.

When looking for statistics on the channels that video marketers are planning on focusing on in 2023, apart from YouTube, LinkedIn is at the top of their list.

The growth of usage has increased since 2022, so now over 68% of marketers are currently on board with the idea (wyzowl).

It is a simple task to use YouTube and LinkedIn to build your brand's identity and reach out to your customers, as well as gain conversions with ease.

Many businesses have no clue how to leverage the LinkedIn platform in regards to this. 

This article covers this topic for you, as well as a few suggestions on the different types of video that LinkedIn allows you to add to your accounts, helping you to increase your viewership and ROI (Return on Investment) over time.

YouTube and LinkedIn are the 2 most popular platforms.

LinkedIn has 875 million users and YouTube has 2.6 billion users. So if you take advantage of only these 2 imagine the reach for your videos?

We also give you some insights into how to take advantage of YouTube’s channel in this post: 8 Ways That Can Make Your Business Video Effective On YouTube so now you’ve got an abundance of information to use on two of the most popular social platforms to increase your conversions, sales and brand reputation.

Different Ways You Can Use LinkedIn Videos for Your Business

For any business, the main focus of your LinkedIn video should ideally be to improve your bottom line. Activities that do not churn any ROI are pointless.

For this reason, strategies that are beneficial to our businesses such as video, are the ones to focus on.

The more professional your video looks, the better it will attract the audience. 

There are numerous types of videos you can create in your strategies, the choices are endless.

From product launches to ‘how-to’ videos and frequently answered questions or live streams, you can be as creative as you want to be and people will watch them. 

Make sure they are short, insightful, educational and as entertaining as possible, because your audience is a busy crowd.

Anyone can do it, and in fact, there are tons of different industries jumping onto this trend in 2023, our article explains this further : 6 Industries Capitalising On Video Marketing In 2023

Video content is shared 20 times more than any other type of content.

So, what are the 8 million higher executive business professionals watching on LinkedIn in 2023? Let’s look at a few options you can choose from to deepen your relationship with these and other professionals.

LinkedIn offers a few different ways you can harness videos:

  1. Live streaming
  2. Sponsored content (Video Ads)
  3. Embedded videos
  4. Native videos

6 Popular Types of Videos That People Are Watching on LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn Live

Launched only recently, LinkedIn Live was introduced on the platform to bring more authenticity and urgency to a company’s brand.

Similarly, to YouTube, when a host goes live on LinkedIn, it will send you (a follower) a notification to watch. 

Viewers can make comments during the live video, ask questions, have a conversation and interact with the content, making them feel a part of the message.

People love to be included in things, and this is one way to generate higher participation via video.

There is no professional recording or editing involved, it's a ‘plug-in and play’ scenario, which humanises it even more. People trust this.

2. Company Product or Service Launch

If your company has released a new service or product, what better way to let people know than by adding a video of it to your feed?

Use this as an opportunity to tell your viewers where the idea came from, what it is and how it will benefit them.

This can be done in as short as a 1 minute video. Remember the first 10 seconds are crucial so place the essential information and your CTAs inside of those few seconds. 

3. Consumer and Employee Stories

Customer stories, alongside case studies, are a beneficial way of highlighting how your products or services have impacted your customers and the benefits they derived from your brand. 

Any marketer knows how effective case studies are in the buyer awareness funnel, you can turn textual evidence like reviews and case studies, into a video for even more loyalty and awareness. 

People enjoy listening to customers about products and services they have used; it’s on their level and they trust them more.

The same goes for employee stories. People enjoy watching them, relating to them and learning more from them.

Anything from employees’ personal experiences to feedback about the company culture and more can culminate into a short video on LinkedIn’s platform.

4. Humour

Who doesn’t love a funny video? Everybody could use a laugh now and again and creating humorous videos on LinkedIn takes the edge off repetitive corporate videos.

Even though it is a platform for professionals and has that vibe to it, there is always room for funny videos.

Most humour videos we see on social media tend to go viral fast. This article about Being funny on social media can drive serious business states that “…humour is a hugely powerful currency on social media”.

Remember the video about the boss whose children ran into the room while he was on a Zoom call - Watch The Hilarious Moment These Kids Crash Their Dad's Live Interview.

Now it's acceptable for toddlers to join your live stream videos and viewers love the authenticity of it. 

5. Collaborations with Thought-Leaders and Experts

Why not have a Q&A session with a thought leader or expert in your field or industry?

You can create videos of interviews or topic discussions with respected people who can teach the viewer a thing or two or give their opinion about something.

Many businesses live for this. You can hold a live cast session teaching people about video marketing or how to prospect clients in a fun and enjoyable way that will get them to watch it till the end.

6. Behind the Scenes

Another popular one especially with certain industries is the behind-the-scenes videos where viewers get to see what’s happening in the background at any office or studio. 

Many businesses steer clear of this for the risk of letting out too much information, but you can cleverly harness this idea and bring some authentic footage into the mix.

Posting BTS videos shows transparency. It will attract more engagement, and help build trust. 

It could be anything, introducing your team members, a quick bite with your CEO, or a quick word from someone in the tech department about how your product works.

You’ve built it – but will they come? 

It's all well and good to create the most enticing video your company has ever made, but if you don’t share it, you won’t be making the most of its capabilities.

Don’t stop at your social media feed, share outside of these platforms.

Some of the effective ways to share your videos and help promote them include:

  • Linking it back to your website
  • Invest some money into promoting your video on social (promo campaign)
  • Writing a post about it and embedding it into the text
  • Linking it to your YouTube channel via a blog post 
  • Add it to your weekly or monthly newsletter
  • Ask your friends and colleagues to share the video
  • Tag relevant influencers
  • Respond to comments on all your posts and videos
  • Using hashtags will help people discover different content and topics

Rinse and repeat - consistency is key.

Creating and uploading as many short videos as you can and sharing them across all platforms, will in time, increase viewership, engagement and the likelihood of an increase in buyers.

See how we do it: send us an email to hello@shortstories.media if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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