Omnia Foundation Roundtable Film

In the few years I have been aware of their work, it has always struck me as a noble and creative approach to helping children with specific needs.

The beauty is in its simplicity. Learning is offered at the point the child understands and feels secure in developing from.

The child is not expected to work towards attaining goals that have no meaning for them. In this way, the school begins to build towards greater engagement and fulfilment for the child. 

The Omnia Foundation is an ambitious organisation and they use video to share their story with as many people as possible.

We had previously made an identity film for them which gave an overview of what the foundation provides.

Omnia wanted another film to complement this - something that would help to develop an understanding of the theory behind the purpose and the practice. 

Central to this new film is a conversation between David Kreyling and Liz Keeble - two senior staff at Omnia Foundation.

David Kreyling - Omnia Foundation

They bring years of experience and unique expertise to their roles.

Combined with their dedication and belief in the project, they can talk authoritatively on the subject in a lively and animated way.

Their conversation covers many of the salient points relating to Omnia and its wider mission. 

Our ‘Roundtable discussion’ approach was simple: we pointed the camera at them and let them talk.

They needed little prompting and came up with lucid and engaging content that forms the spine of the film. 

The editing process involved picking out the messages Omnia wishes to emphasise  and adding b-roll to show the unique environment the school provides. 

The Omnia Foundation is at a very interesting point in its genesis.

It has bold plans to provide a decent education to many more children who desperately need it.

At shortstories', we  look forward to seeing the growth and development of the important work they are doing. 

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