Wigan Season Ticket Launch Film

Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club are well versed in using video to support the club’s strategy and objectives. Their in-house video and digital production team work closely with the marketing department to produce regular and diverse video content for supporters to enjoy.

It helps keep fans abreast of developments regarding the teams and also the commercial promotions they can benefit from. The quality, regularity and volume of content keeps the club’s sponsors and partners happy as well.

The sheer amount of video work keeps the in-house producers and videographers busy day to day. Which is when they occasionally use outside video suppliers. We have worked with them on several occasions including the launch of the new club logo in 2021 and producing the film to commemorate their 150th anniversary in 2022. 

We were delighted to be asked to make a film as part of their marketing campaign for a new season ticket launch for 2023. Working closely with the club, we agreed on an approach that would make the most of an exciting 2022 whilst looking forward to the new year. 

The new head coach at Wigan had been central to creating the success of 2022. The first team was playing expansive, exciting rugby; the connection between the town and the club had deepened and this had all been reflected in a revitalised atmosphere at the home ground.

Underpinning all this was the humility that the club is renowned for. We wanted to build all these features of the year into the season ticket launch film. 

We asked the head coach, Matt Peet,  to speak directly to the fans in our video. Matt has a low key, modest and thoughtful approach that has created a high level of morale and good feeling among the players and the fans.

This style comes naturally to him and that is what he offered on camera. We intercut his delivery with shots we had taken of the fans watching a game and footage of match action including tries and kicks. 

Being a promo film, we wanted to keep it short and punchy to create a strong impression on the viewer in a short space of time and made use of graphics to create an extra visual input to stimulate the viewer. 

As always, we have enjoyed working with the staff at the club and wish them and their fans all the very best for a successful and exciting 2023. 


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