We have produced a number of films to support the marketing campaigns of our client DCM recently. On this occasion, they wanted to strongly feature one of the company’s founders, Travis Semmens. Travis has a strong reputation within the crowd management industry in Australia and they were keen to make him central to their recent case study film. 

The aim of the film is to show how the crowd management software was used to help improve the crowd’s experience at a large live event in Sydney, Australia.


The film is a very simple demo. We used the screen recording the client sent through, It was  of the application’s dashboard being operated and the on screen commentary was provided by Travis Semmens. 

Travis had been in charge of managing the crowd at the large event. It was his task to keep the crowds safe as they enjoyed the festival.  He provided a quick overview of how he had used the dashboard to monitor crowd flow and mood and how it had given him the information required to help head off a potential problem. 

We worked on his video screengrab by smoothing out the audio recording; editing it to improve the sense of pace, adding b roll to give the viewer some visual variety and creating highlights on the dashboard to draw the viewer’s attention to different areas of the screen at the right moments. 

We added a subtle underscore of music and some on screen graphics to increase the sense of production value. Essentially, though we wanted to let Travis do the talking and focused on making his presentation as clear as possible.


The client uses this film when they are in conversation with their own potential clients. It makes very clear how straightforward to use, sophisticated and effective their product is. In this way it highlights a need that DCM is able to fulfil. 

The film saves a lot of time by showing a real example of how the software protects crowds and enhances their experience at an event.

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