Recent Projects

DCM / Nomad Digital Exhibition Film

This film needed to supply a quick download of information and also be eye-catching in order to grab the attention of attendees in the busy exhibition environment. Animation provided a useful solution.

DCM - Software Demo Films Series

We have previously provided a number of marketing films to DCM. Their function was to provoke the interest in those who might have need for such a product. Those short films created a significant positive impact; potential new clients had become interested and so DCM were keen to develop their video strategy.

DCM - Notting Hill Carnival Case Study

The short case study film shows how DCM works in practice. It clearly highlights how useful it is when managing large crowds of people and helping them to enjoy the carnival experience safely.

DCM - Travis Semmens Film

The aim of the film is to show how the crowd management software was used to help improve the crowd’s experience at a large live event in Sydney, Australia.

DCM - Smart Cities Film

Long term relationships bear fruit. This is an example of how.

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