Our client asked us to develop this Level 5 course called Proteach. Learners on the course are often existing teachers undertaking CPD.

Also, it was used by people who were becoming teachers.

These were going to work in FE colleges and had years of vocational experience. Their experience meant they knew the subject inside out.

The Proteach course gave them a resource where they could learn new skills that would help them demonstrate their knowledge in a way that benefits the learners.

They picked up tips and techniques on how to teach, not what to teach.   

We needed to make a course that could be accessible online at any time and anywhere. It is designed to suit learners creating time to study within their busy lives.

We were asked to focus on 2 main areas: script editing and the production of video files to support the learner’s journey.


The script editing was relatively straightforward as the source material was so well written.

The subject specialist was a teacher with over 30 years experience. He had written topics in a mini lecture style.

His use of language was effective and made the learning points clear. His tone was professional and warm and his words were easily translated into Production Scripts.

We used presenters speaking directly to camera to create an immediacy and an engagement with the learner.

The presenters are all professionals experienced and practised in using autocue.

This meant they knew how to pace their delivery, how to use a change in tone and intonation to sound authentic and be informative and clear.

We added footage, clips and animations to the presenters and the voiceover-led pieces to enliven and illustrate the subject matter. 


When the video clips were edited and delivered, they were uploaded to the Competence app.

The app specialises in tracking the progress of the learner whilst offering accessible learning content that meets all formal educational standards.

Proteach is just one of many courses available on the Competence platform.

Online Learning - Proteach (Level 5)

Upskilling yourself during work hours can be tricky, especially if you are a teacher undergoing CPD training. Our client Competence sought to find the best solution for learners and teachers to provide them with a platform to learn new skills and enhance existing ones that would best help them demonstrate their abilities and knowledge on an ongoing basis without disrupting their day-to-day lives.

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