Recent Projects

Omnia Foundation Identity Film

An identity film as part of their rebranding campaign. Omnia is a unique and inspiring school. We wanted to place the students’ experience at the heart of the film in order to create an immediate emotional connection with the viewer.

LeadEQ Identity Film

How to distil a consultancy’s specialist and comprehensive offer into a short film? We chose to focus on what makes them unique. The result contains a lot of beautiful shots of horses. We also created separate social media clips that the client has made effective use of.

Just Voices Identity Film

Just Voices wanted to inject their personality and style into their identity film and were keen to avoid a ‘corporate’ look and feel.

designMAD Identity film

From a producer’s point of view, the most gratifying thing to read in this testimonial is that Mike was delighted with the outcome despite his natural shyness in front of the camera.

Roster Mini MBA

A sophisticated marketing film illustrating Roster's dedication to tech education through masterclass lectures on Web3, reflecting the company's unique brand essence.

MADDOX Brand Relaunch

Having built up an impressive client list for 12 years, Maddox wanted to look to the future with a rebrand. As well as their impressive track record, we wanted to reflect their dynamism, energy and enthusiasm that has always been central to their work

shortstories - the Facebook Family

Were not all about the work, we also love to spend time with our families - both humans and animals. We made a film designed specifically for a very niche audience: my Facebook friends.. See what you think…When we do focus on work we make brilliant, successful and lead generating videos for our clients.

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