LeadEQ is a consultancy developing behavioural excellence in business leaders.

We produced an identity film and accompanying social media clips used for a range of purposes.


There are so many strands to the work LeadEQ does that it would be easy to create an identity film that would be over complicated. We knew we needed to avoid overwhelming the viewer. What did we need to focus on?



The team at LeadEQ work to help people realise their potential and often refer to ‘energy’. This is a subtle and sometimes nebulous thing. How to portray this without being ‘airy-fairy’? The horses helped.


The stable at LeadEQ is home to their collection of beautiful horses and ponies. The LeadEQ team have integrated them into their work with clients. The stable environment helps people to get out of their comfort zone and to think in different ways. This gave us an opportunity to create some attractive pictures.


LeadEQ have used the film at the forefront of their marketing strategy to attract their new clients and to remind existing clients about their work. They frequently repurpose the film for different social media platforms. 

video for business

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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

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