designMAD are a design agency based in South London.

Their business advisor had been recommending to them for years that they make a film.

A combination of camera wariness and lack of knowledge about what it would entail meant they put it on the back burner.

They also did not know what kind of film to make. By using a simple brief, the process began.

The form focussed their thinking - led to some interesting internal conversations and took the pressure off of them to come up with ‘the big creative idea’. 


designMAD had been considering making an identity film for years. What was stopping them? Camera wariness and a lack of knowledge about what making a film would entail. How best to get around this natural reservation?


It was important to be clear with Mike and his team: they would not be asked to do anything on camera that made them look too ‘showy’ or to feel ‘silly. 

Video brief document

We asked them to focus on their area speciality by sending them a document with a number of questions. Our ‘Video brief document ‘ helps a potential client to clarify their thinking and approach to making a film. This gave them something they could control using their expertise. This began to relax them  in to the process of making the film.

Creative proposal

In response to the brief, we sent them a creative proposal which showed how we would bring their key messages to life. Once again, we asked for their feedback on that proposal which allowed them to feel still in control.


Through our discussion and no pressure process, Mike and the team were more relaxed than they expected when it came to filming. The interview had become more of a conversation and Mike gave an excellent ‘performance’ on camera because he was at ease just being his natural self. 

Bonus dog

Frank the pug stole the show. He is their office dog and we were keen to use him in the film. He didn’t disappoint. Some meaty treats enticed him on to set where he behaved in a consummately professional manner. 


The film has served as a useful calling card when introducing the agency to prospective clients and has helped to win new business. It also brought Mike and the team back to the forefront of the minds of clients they had worked with previously.

video for business

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