A client came back to us in the spring of 2022 asking us to make another identity film for them.

The Omnia Foundation, previously known as Karalius Foundation, wanted a new film that would incorporate their rebranding, name change and how they had advanced in their development.

We proposed creating a film based on the activities at the school. Showing the work would be more impactful than talking about it. At the heart of the footage is a portrayal of various activities that show the students stimulated, engaged and being supported by the staff.

The action from a range of these activities in which the students participate, provided us with good source material for a film.

The result is something that gives a short, clear snapshot of what the school does, its ethos and how the students thrive in this environment.

It’s a unique place doing important work - both for them and us.


The Foundation was launching a rebrand and wanted a film to show people how differently this school operates to others. What would be the best way for us to demonstrate this difference?


Rather than have information fed to us from people who worked at the foundation, we recommended placing the students’ experience at the heart of the film. The voiceover we used came from an interview with one of the older students. We combined it with pictures shot in a cinematic style to illustrate the activities and the deep level of care on offer at this amazing school.


Some viewers have mentioned the emotional punch the student’s voice lends. It is difficult not to be moved by the work of the Foundation and the relationships created between the teachers and students. It is an amazing place.

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