Our long term client Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM) was developing a project with Austrade - The Australian government trade body.

They needed a film for a trade expo that would demonstrate how their software helps smart cities to function. The film needed to be turned around on a tight schedule.


This film had to communicate a concept in a short space of time.

The viewer would be shown what a smart city is and how DCM’s software can be a critical part of its infrastructure. We needed to make this clear within 90 seconds.

A great deal of focus was placed on getting the script right.

We needed to make the most of every sentence in order to help the audience understand how the product works in a way that would keep them interested.

The budget level and schedule for this film didn’t allow for shoot days so we worked with stock footage.

Initially we intended to use an animated presenter to augment the real life footage. As we started to assemble the edit, we realised the presenter was not adding much so we changed tack. 

We could communicate the message and keep the viewer interested by using voiceover with stock footage, text on screen and motion graphics.

The motion graphics used a dot motif echoing a detail on the client’s logo and lends an underlying digital theme to the pictures. 

The approach needed to elucidate a sense of excitement about how the successful use of tech can improve people’s everyday lives.


The film offers a portal into how smart cities are working already.

They help millions of people all around the world to get more from urban living.

The film highlights how DCM’s product can be harnessed in a way that helps us to measure how this is impacting us on a human level.

It poses a simple question: ‘How can we use technology to help us to prove that smart cities are making people happier?’ 

The film serves as a teaser encouraging the viewer to engage in further exploration /conversation with our client. 

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