We have previously provided a number of marketing films to DCM. Their function was to provoke the interest in those who might have need for such a product. Those short films created a significant positive impact; potential new clients had become interested and so DCM were keen to develop their video strategy. 

They decided the next suite of videos to commission would be demo video clips. These would take a more detailed look at the separate features of the software. They were aimed at people who wanted more information about what DCM offers. 


DCM sent screen recordings of the software being used. These were visually clear, but irregularly paced (from a viewer’s point of view) and sometimes it wasn’t immediately clear where the viewer’s attention should be. The accompanying audio recording they had provided of the expert explaining the software was only of a basic quality. 

We recommended an approach that would invest some higher production values into the clips. We wrote a script that helped to explain the features whilst also linking these to the benefits. The script went into the required amount of detail but made the information as clear and digestible as possible. 

We tidied the visuals: creating edit points, adding b-roll and simple graphics that helped to focus the attention of the viewer on the right point on the screen. We rer-ecorded the voiceover using a professional voiceover artist and mixed this with an underscore of music.


These demo films save time for everyone. DCM’s sales/marketing team can show these to potential clients and it gives them a short, sharp download of information. They are a way of nurturing interest in those who have genuine need for the product. They are a great way of moving through the initial stage of the sales process quickly and effectively.

More videos can be found on our YouTube channel: @shortstoriesmedia : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd4q9nPz2UpDIOThHDuZ_-w

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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

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