The large crowds at the Notting Hill Carnival in London had been kept safe, in part, because of the DCM software. DCM were keen that their stakeholders became aware of what had happened and how the product had helped. They needed to turn this project round in a short space of time shortly after the carnival had finished.


We asked DCM to send us a screen recording of the DCM dashboard at work during the carnival. The client recorded a ‘guide commentary’. We used this as the basis for creating a new, short case study film. 

Our approach was determined by keeping it simple. The client told us that the audience would be people who had an existing level of knowledge of the DCM software; so we could go into a degree of detail without worrying about ‘losing’ the audience.


The short case study film shows how DCM works in practice. It clearly highlights how useful it is when managing large crowds of people and helping them to enjoy the carnival experience safely.

video for business

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