Will You Be Riding the ‘Video Marketing Wave’ in 2023?

These are the video marketing trends that we think will continue and new ones that will emerge in 2023.

Let’s dive straight in! From what we’ve seen, this is our take on what we think will continue to dominate the video marketing scene in 2023 and beyond. 

(By the way, if you haven’t already embraced the idea of using video for your business, you should probably start looking into it before 2023 whooshes by..!) 

If you have a couple of minutes to spare (4 mins should do it) perhaps this article will help you understand why we say so : Does Video Marketing Really Work for B2B Businesses? Yes. Here's Why it’s a great read.

UGC or User-Generated Video

One of the best ways to dominate your competition on social media is by using user-generated content (UGC). No idea what that is?

According to Hootsuite’s definition “User-generated content is any content—text, videos, images, reviews, etc.—created by people, rather than brands.”

Think – unboxing videos, short clips of people showing off different clothes, or using a fancy new product at home and recording it for viewers. 

Anyone from brand fans, loyal customers, employees, UGC-specific creators, and video production agencies can create such videos in a short space of time and upload them to any platform.

It is a more humanised and authentic approach to video marketing and many people are now choosing these over heavily edited videos.

Want to show your audience you are a conscientious company? Go UGC in 2023.

Research has shown that “consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands, and as such, the time to invest in an authenticity-driven social marketing strategy is now.”- Hootsuite

It shows trust, and brand loyalty, and influences the purchase decisions of your viewers. Plus, it’s a flexible approach and can be done anywhere using any recording device. 

From YouTube videos to social media content, live streams, reviews, blog posts and images, you can turn any type of post into a UGC piece.

Always credit the original creator if you are using their content.

Example of UGC videos: GoPro Red Bull Campaigns. Check them out here:

GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013

Organic Videos Now More Than Ever

There is no doubt, the digital community will continue to thrive far off into 2023 and beyond.

The online space provides not only entertainment but also a human quality to it, which many are attracted to. 

Off the back of the UGC point above, when brands create organic videos that broadcast directly and authentically to their audience, it’s a win-win.

How to get your free pass? Find conversations that are happening now, and jump in.

Create video content around it and share it, write a blog post or even share a thought-provoking image.

Make videos of tutorials, behind-the-scenes, and don’t forget GIFs, we could all use a laugh now and then.

To drill it down even more, according to some marketers, there are 3 types of known organic videos, namely - Hero, Hub and Hygiene. More about this can be found in this article : The 3 Types of Organic YouTube Content

When you stick to producing on-trend content, it allows your company, product or service to fit right in with the conversations and embed yourself into real-time trending social communities.

When you do this it has a two-fold advantage because you connect not only with your own audience but also with the audience of those communities as well, doubling up your chances of reaching an even wider viewership. 

With these mushrooming communities being ever-popular, the trend is set to continue right into 2023.

Example of Organic videos: Check it out here: 

John Lewis Christmas advert 2019: Edgar the Dragon stars in Christmas ad for John Lewis & Waitrose

Videos with Purpose – Educate and Inform

Videos on just about anything can now be found on YouTube. Because they educate and inform their audience.

How many times have you automatically gone onto YouTube to find out how to use a product, how to build a shelf, look for a make-up tutorial or find a recipe video? 

One of the biggest trends of video marketing in 2023 is videos with purpose – videos that teach you, show you and explain something to you are a hit.

In the US alone, 24% of viewers go onto TikTok to find out how to do new things. ‘How To’ videos are some of the most watched online. 

This is a great opportunity for you to create one as well.

Sharing educational and informative videos appeals to the majority of the population and those who want to learn more will always be your fans, once they know you exist, you may never know who your content will appeal to. 

The best part of creating this type of video is, you can promote your brand as well.

Find out what people are looking for and if it relates to your industry, start creating those ‘How To’ videos in 2023.

Example of Videos you can share across all channels: Check it out here: 

Learning About The Planet With Blippi | Educational Videos For Kids

Let’s not forget, the latest and greatest recent idea of YouTube Shorts, also taking off in 2023.

These are short-form videos that are up to 60 seconds long using the Shorts YouTube Camera or a smartphone/ multi-segment camera.

These have started generating up to 30 billion views per day (AdWeek).

As a ‘snippet’ of any long-form content, creators can attract far more viewers using YouTube Shorts and direct them to their long-form content to help grow their subscribers easily. Rumour has it that it will be monetised too.

Lower-Funnel Video Content

You would have heard about tailor-made products. Now there are tailor-made videos that many well-known brands around the world are harnessing.

Online shopping has become the favourable option for many shoppers since the pandemic. 

Bottom or lower funnel content is slightly different from content that you create in the earlier stages of the funnel.

You won’t use it to build trust but rather to convert prospects to customers by pushing your brand in front of them.

Lifestyles evolve continuously and investing in tailor-made videos to fit the audience in your social media marketing feed, is key to growing your client base.

Every time something new erupts on a social media channel, other platforms seek the chance to duplicate the style and add it to their own.

The capabilities of creating videos directly on the platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok are ever-evolving.

From advertising videos to live-streaming videos, you can do just about anything to speak to your viewers, and let them browse through and purchase your brands' offerings, effortlessly.

2023 is all about evolution – Why not create your very own tailor-made videos; one for every channel to highlight different audiences?

Example of Lower-Funnel Videos: Check it out:  YouTube Live - A channel dedicated to live stream videos.

Channel Diversification Using Video

Not necessarily about a type of video, as it is a form of video marketing. Have you ever heard of the term ‘channel diversification’? 

When you have the time you can read this great Forbes article about this: 13 Powerful Reasons To Diversify Your Marketing Channels

In a nutshell, channel diversification is exactly that – using multiple channels to advertise, promote, talk about, brag about (whatever term you prefer) your brand. 

It's not about social media anymore, but included in this idea is video in all forms - mixed reality, TV, moving billboards, moving bus stops and more, creating different types of branded videos for different types of channels/platforms. The technology and modern capabilities already exist.

Chances that people will take some form of action on your content are a lot higher this way and will continue to diversify come 2023. No harm in mixing things up once in a while.

Try it out for potential growth and conversions. Think–powerful. Have a powerful presence across all areas.

Throw in some Tik Tok videos, Pinterest posts and Snapchat conversations, what have you got to lose? 2023 won’t be getting rid of these anytime soon.

Example of Videos you can share across all channels: Check it out here:  The Vlog of a CEO Running a $150 Million Dollar Company - Gary Vee

Other Types of Video Trends Taking Off In 2023

  1. Vlogs 

Examples of vlog videos: 10 Best Vloggers on YouTube in 2022

  1. Recipe Videos

Examples of recipe videos: 13 Popular Cooking Channels on YouTube

  1. Interview Q&A

Examples of interview Q&A videos: The Interview Guys

  1. Animation videos

Examples of animation videos: 100 Animation Youtube Channels on Comics, Animation and Cartoon Videos

  1. Prank Videos

Examples of a prank videos: 25 Prank Youtube Channels by Pranksters

  1. Video game / video game influencer Videos

Examples of a video game influencer videos: Top 20 Gaming Influencers (on YouTube)

  1. Events with YouTube Videos

Examples of events with YouTube videos: 10 Events with Epic YouTube Channels

Wrapping Up

Video marketing is here to stay. In our experience, many of those who were once sceptical about the idea years ago, are now commissioning us to create their 12th or 14th video.

The proof is in the numbers, when done right, it starts to build traction across all spaces, there is no desire to go back to the traditional any more.

Every new year will bring new and better improvements and changes, and if you’re not riding the ‘video marketing wave’, you will drown in the sea of competitors who are already enjoying it. 

Shifts continue to happen, and new trends will emerge quicker than you can say ‘hold my phone!’ 

Be flexible, yet strategic. Be authentic, yet ever-changing. Be vigilant and keep up with what’s going on, on all platforms.

Create, engage, experiment, make mistakes, and try again…that’s what keeps the momentum going. 

And if you need help – we’re here to point you in the right direction, or, if you're serious about growing your business, we will be happy to create ANY type of video for you!

See how we do it: send us an email to hello@shortstories.media if you would like to discuss your next film project.

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