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Alii autem, quibus ego cum soluta nobis est laborum et dolore disputandum putant. In oculis quidem se texit, ne ad naturam aut reiciendis.
Head of Production
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Philip Pickard

I like to build trust with clients and colleagues whilst making films that stimulate minds and inform perceptions. I have learnt how effective a good story is when told well. Over 25 years, I have worked in theatre, film and television, comedy, business, sports-media, corporate communications and in the charitable and educational sectors. Personal highlights include appearing in every episode of BBC2s ‘The Office’; producing and directing a series of documentary features on professional football in the Arab world; and #talkaboutsuicide a digital platform I produced for a charity that won Gold for Best Short Film at the New York International Film Festival in 2018. I am excited and delighted to be a founder of shortstories. Our approach offers something fresh and unique to clients who have a requirement for film/video.
Head of Post-Production / Filmmaker
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Marcelo Vianna

From Brazil where he began his career, to the UK where he moved in 2005, Marcelo has been involved with a wide range of small to big agencies, brands, TV channels, and personalities in the industry. Past clients have included TBWA, ABInbev, Vogue, Channel 4, BBC, Hank Levine, Mario Testino and Tom Hardy. With extensive experience working on promos, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries and independent feature films that have been nominated and awarded internationally, he has developed an effective and creative way of approaching each project. Since joining shortstories in 2018, he has expanded his skillset, injecting ideas in pre-production, shooting as a DOP and handling all post-production aspects, relishing the opportunity to exceed client expectations.
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Adrian Lenagan

Many years of experience at Director level across a wide range of sectors and commercial environments. Whilst a founding member of the team which subsequently became software company Competence Development Ltd, in 2008 also Adrian set up Fine Wine Consultancy business (Provenance), where he remained CEO prior to successful exit in 2014.
Head of Content Marketing
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Biba Rey

A methodical and ethical technophile, driven by new technology and keen on constantly learning about different software, solutions and trends to enhance the reputation of the business and it's client's. As a head of content marketing and SEO researcher and writer for over 8 years, I have worked in different sectors including tech, AI, online learning, health and lifestyle, finance and banking, higher education and more - both national and international and continue to do so to date. My success comes from a high-intensity drive to take on challenges head-on and to find the best solutions for purpose-driven outcomes.
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Simon Lenagan

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Ian Lenagan

I have worked in business, theatre production and sports administration over a long and varied career. I chaired the IPO of my own software company Telework in 2000 at a valuation of £145m. I have since concentrated on ownership and operation of Oxford United Football Club and Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club and subsequently became a Director on the FA Board and also Chairman of the English Football League. Phil and I originally worked together as directors of Counterpoint Theatre in the 1990s and I went on to produce many West End plays and musicals. I returned fully to the software sector in 2015 and am now enjoying building a successful video production company.
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"Webflow is the future of website design and front-end, and Elastic Themes helps to shape that future today by creating some great templates."
Denis Pakhaliuk
CEO of Ramotion

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